Roadway Resurfacing Tentatively expected to begin the week of May 26th

Roadway resurfacing work for the Bloomingdale Township 2020 Road Program is tentatively expected to begin the week of May 26th, 2020.

Traffic on streets within the project limits will be affected by the construction efforts.  There may be a need for temporary road closures throughout the project as equipment or materials move in and out of the site.  Access to your driveway will be maintained.  However, there may be periods of time while work is taking place in front of your property that access may be restricted.  We ask that motorists follow all posted signs.  Watch for "FRESH OIL" signs as these will be placed at least 24 hours prior to the start of paving.

The general contractor for this project is R.W. Dunteman Co., of Addison.  All questions regarding the project should be directed to the Bloomingdale Township Road District at 630/529-5221.

Thank you in advance for your patience throughout the course of this project.

The following roads are part of the 2020 Road Paving Plan:


- Webster Ave (from Gary Ave West to Cloverdale)
- Foster Ave (from Gary Ave West to Thorn Rd)
- Thorn Rd (from Lake St South to Foster Ave)


- Belden Ave (from Swift East)
- Winthrop Ave (from Swift East)
- Dickens (from Swift East)
- Argyle St (from Dickens North and South)
- Alma Ave (from Dickens South)
- Helen St (from Dickens South)
- Armitage Ave (from Swift East to dead end)
- Armitage Ave (from Helen West)
- Cortland Ave (from Swift East to dead end)
- Cortland Ave (from Argyle East)
- Argyle St (from Sidney North)
- Alma Ave (from Sidney North)
- Helen St (from Sidney North)
- Sidney Ave (from Swift East)
- Burdett Ave (from Swift West)
- Peterson Ave (from Swift East)